Web & Marketing Services

  • Web Implementation - Site Design & Menu Layout, Web Content: will work with you to determine who your audience is, what the content will be, assistance with writing new content and/or editing existing (including for web, Newsletters, Blogs, Corporate Bios)

  • SEO - Sites created using proper SEO Best Practices - SEO Tips to think about.

  • Writing and editing - content for Newsletters, online handouts, article editing, and brochures (print or online).

  • Creative Writing - Ghost writing, editing, critiquing, hand holding. I do writing for my own pleasure and you can see where I have been published here under the pen name N.E. Rule.

  • Graphic Design - Magazine print and web ads, Trade Show Booths, invites, Logos created, Mass Emails, Company greeting cards, web banner ads, Business Cards, Letterhead & Word Styles & PowerPoint Firm Branded Templates
  • Social Media - create and maintain company linkedin, twitter or facebook pages. Embed youtube, tweets, calendars, maps to your site. Will work with you to decide where you audience will find you, what updates they want to read, can help with ongoing content.

  • Blogs - set up a company blog to high-light an expert area. Get help with set up and ongoing maintenance including editing.

Project Services

  • Internet - Designing and implementing an internet site ~ from audience research, domain registration to design, content creation, coding and training staff to maintain or I can do ongoing maintenance or I can work with your current vendor to help manage the project.

  • Intranet - Put your policies and procedures on an internal website. Includes organizing current content - starting from paper policy manual, working with department heads to confirm content and gleen more, write best practices for ongoing upkeep and training manuals for staff maintaining.

Other Projects

  • Billing & Collections - Designing custom billing and collection procedures to improve your firm's bottom line ~ includes training of staff and designing management collection reporting.

  • HelpDesk SLA - Implement an IT Helpdesk Service Level Agreement strategy.

  • Marketing - need to clean up your firm's prospective and current client contact lists and implement a CRM system, or clean up online profiles/bios (they don't have to be boring : )

Have an administrative area that is not working in your firm where you need new procedures designed and implemented? Contact Nancy for further discussion of your upcoming project. test

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